Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fantasy Tavern and Tower Grid Maps

Just off the digital drawing board...

I just finished putting together a map book featuring two popular fantasy RPG locations, the tavern and a tower.

The Bent Nail Bucket Tavern
This is an establishment featured in the Pathfinder Role Playing Game Compatible Solo Adventure, The Merchant of Breckenwald, available from Witherwind Games. The tavern can be used for any fantasy setting and features three levels; a basement, ground floor, and second floor. The Bent Nail Bucket can serve as a jumping off point for many adventures or as a home base with rooms for your adventures to rent.

Tewnning Tower
No one is sure what goes on at Tewnning Tower. Is it a great lord’s stronghold or a reclusive cult’s sanctuary? The tower has five levels; three above ground and two below. From the ground up Tewnning Tower is an innocuous stone structure, fronted by a small river and wooden bridge. Below ground the cellar serves as a jail with several cells, a guardroom, and boasts a moderate amount of storage space. A door hidden behind stacks of crates leads to a darker, secret dungeon level. The areas in these below ground levels have been numbered for use by a Game Master. Tewnning Tower awaits a new master…
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